Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Post!!

I know (along with many of you) I've been terrible about getting posts up on my blog this summer and now the summer is drawing to an end!! I think I'm still in denial!! At least we still have about 4 weeks before school starts full swing! I'm trying to enjoy every last bit warm weather, no schedule, and playtime. We've had a very fun summer and have enjoyed actually spending alot of it here at home!! We were able to make our summer Idaho visit as usual back in June, have an Arvidson family reunion here in Camas/Washougal in July, go to the coast to enjoy the sand and ocean in August, and have many adventures here in our own backyard. We've spent alot of time with our family and many friends hanging around our firepit in the front yard laughing and roasting smores and hot dogs(who knows how many of these we have devoured over the summer, but who's counting right!). The kids have enjoyed having many a friends over to play and it did seem like there was always someone here being entertained by my children or vice a versa. We had some milestones happen this summer--Daekon turned 12 and recieved the priesthood and is now passing the sacrament; he will be starting 7th grade, Ashlyn turned 6 and will be starting 1st grade, and Tony and I celebrated our 18th anniversary. Overall, I give this summer a grade "A" and will be enjoying one more month of adventures and surprises!! Hopefully, I'll have a few more summer pics to post before fall begins!! Happy summer everyone and thanks for sharing it with us!!

Summer Fun continued....

Brayden and Ashlyn at the Camas Pool Safety Fair! Getting ready to be tipped over in a boat!

Ashlyn doing synchronized swimming!

Brayden jumping off the bounce house at East Vancouver Stake's Pioneer Day celebration.

Brayden Playing with the parachute at Pioneer Day!

Ashlyn enjoying a snack in the grass!

More Summer Fun!!

Daekon getting ready to ride the 'Super Shot' at the Clark County Fair! He's not wearing his glasses because they would probably fall off!! I did end up riding this with hime. EEEEKKKK! Takes you way up in sky and drops you! Free Fall! Freaky!! He laughed at me!

Brayden spinning upside down at the Clark County Fair!

Sitting around the fire in Lincoln City, Oregon!!

Brayden and Daekon poking the Sea Anemones

Ashlyn enjoying the "refreshing" Pacific Ocean on the Oregon Coast!! Brrrr!

Summer Fun!!

Ashlyn at her cheer camp!

Daekon's 12 year old Birthday SURPISE party!!
Haley, Sydney, Emma, Ashlyn, Courtney, Benjamin, Matthew,Andrew, Conner, Keller, Brayden, Kade!

Ashlyn 6th Birthday--"A Real Life" picnic

Playing at Cottonwood Beach on the Columbia River

Cottonwood Beach! Daekon in his goggles!

Disneyland Pics

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