Thursday, June 25, 2009


the Sharps and Meza's enjoying ice cream on the grass.

the Mexican Ice cream truck!! Ole'!!

Talia and baby Lilly!

The kitty that survived the trek from Twin Falls to Caldwell. She rode inside the hood of the van and we didn't even know it till the kids discovered her when we got to the Sharps!! Crazy Cat!!

and once again................

Miss Kiri Sharp--high school graduate!! yeah!

Everyone sitting around at the Sharps!

Brayden trying to get a drink!

Daekon up in a tree!

Me and my little lady!


cousins at Rock Creek park!

Tony and I posing for the camera--aren't we cute!

Brayden and Tyson climbing

Me pretending I can still do the monkey bars!! hehe.

Grandma and Grandpa Hymas's house!


warrior cousins

exhausted after "Hopping to it" for 2 hours.

Ball pit at Hop to it in Twin Falls

Kiara and Ashlyn getting ready to race.


more Idaho pics. Lagoon

A really WET Sarah, Kiara, and Daekon

all the kids getting wet at the fountain

Ashlyn getting a sip of Water!

Sarah and Kiara

Daekon, Brayden, Kiara, and Tyson

Idaho Visit!!

Ashlyn and Me in line at Lagoon

Kiara and Daekon roasting marshmallows !

Tyson and Brayden playing.

Kiara and Daekon sitting on top of the dog house playing Nintendo.

Dinner at the Badgers!!

We had a fabulous time a week ago visiting family. We stopped to visit the Badgers in Rupert and went to Lagoon with them. We went to Twin Falls and visited my parents and went to Rock Creek park and Hop to it!! The weather was a little rainy off and on so we were unable to do our usual Durkees Lake excursion but we still had lots of fun and enjoyed one anothers company! We also had a day or two to visit with the Sharps in Caldwell Idaho!!The kids sure had fun being with their cousins. They seem to just pick up were they left off last time they saw them. Isn't that how it always is with cousins though?? We would have loved to stop and visit all of our family around Utah and Idaho but we only had a short time to visit--hopefully next time though!! Have a great summer everyone and enjoy family time!

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