Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Watershed Congress

Just want to throw out a Congrats to my son Daekon who was selected with 3 other students from his 5th/6th grade class at school to attend the Watershed Congress at Washington State University Vancouver. His class has been monitoring a stream, near a lake in the area, throughout the school year. They have been testing the stream and recording information and changes about it throughout the year. They have had the help of a Water Resources professional in the area. They get to present their information and results to a group of students from the area, who have tested streams in their area and will present their info as well. WSU will feed the students and parents and make the day very eventful for the students. Daekon is very excited. I am thrilled to attend it with him and watch him enjoy the experience with his classmates. Good job Daekon!!


Poems by Brayden!

These are a couple of poems that Brayden wrote this week for school! I though they were amazing and had to share.

Dear Imagination

What do you do
When I don't use you?
Do you eat and sleep
When I don't listen
Or do you run all around
Jumping up and down?
Do you live on the streets
Waiting for a silly dance
To break the silence
Or do you wait for the sun
To make everything come to life?
Is your pet gray with a tad of yellow
and eyes made of marshmellow?
Is your best friend yellow
Because he fell off a ladder
Into buckets of yellow paint?
Is your least favorite friend
Blue because he's got the flu?
Hope not.
But I hope I see you
When the sky is blue.



All About Me
By Brayden Meza
My hair is like grass in the background
Breezing through the air.
My eyes are like spotlights
Finding everything in sight.
My ears are like microphones
Listening to anything loud enough to hear.
My arms and legs are like the scenery
Always changing and moving.
My nose is like the scent
of the bakery in the morning.
My mouth is the words
That describe me and
That will be all.

Disneyland Pics

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