Thursday, August 28, 2008

these are some images from the Sharps(Tony's sister and family). One of Ashlyn teaching Alex(Talia's husband) how to play pick up sticks.:-) One of us at the drive in theater in Caldwell, one pic from pioneer day and one of Daekon being silly on his birthday!!!

These are images of Camping, Ashlyns birthday party, and Ashlyn kissing cousin Phoenix.

Some of these pictures are from when we visiting Cape Disappointment/beach/Fort Stevens. Cape Disappointment is where Lewis and Clark landed after traveling down the Columbia River, Fort Stevens is an old World War 2 fort. By the way, the beach was really, really, really cold!!!!

Summing up the Summer

Well, the summer came and went so quickly. I can't believe it's time to start back into the school routine. I think I could use 1 more month of summer. I do hope the weather stays warm here for a little while longer because we had a lot of cool and rainy days early on in June and July. As you can all see I hardly added anything to our blog over the summer. It seemed like we were either out of town or had company ourselves. We started out in June being gone for almost 2 weeks visiting family in Idaho and then we had company ourselves for the first week in July. We also went to the beach and camped for 5 days. Both the boys had boy/cub scout camp at various times during the summer and Ashlyn had her cheerleading camp. We also ended up back in Caldwell towards the end of July to visit Tony's sister and to visit Roaring Springs water park. VERY FUN!!! We also visited Clark County Fair and Oregon State Fair. I was also the Girls Camp director for our ward and I was gone for a week in August doing that and for those of you who have done that it actually takes a bit time to get ready for that. It was really fun and we had a good group of girls but it's nice to have it done. My parents were supposed to come and visit for a few days but were unable to because of car problems. We've all been there, done that!! We missed them alot and sure enjoyed seeing them in June. We look forward to hopefully seeing them at Christmas. My kids don't actually start school till September 4th so it's been a nice couple of weeks of just hanging out preparing for the school year. We will actually start in with our normal homeschooling schedule next week and then will start by adding in our 2 day a week school program at River Homelink on the 4th. It's hard to believe that during the summer Ashlyn turned 5 and Daekon turned 11. Time goes by so quickly!! Well I'll add a few pics from the summer for everyone to enjoy!!!

One more dance recital video!!! (too cute)

Ashlyns dance recital

We started off this summer with a bang by watching Ashlyns dance recital. I know her recital was back in June but I'm slow getting things posted!! Better late than never.

Ashlyns Birthday parade

This is just a short snippet from Ashlyns parade. This was Ashlyns 5th birthday and she was able to have her first party with friends. She wanted to have a dress up party with a parade. So I had several parents stay and invited a few neighbors to watch the parade. Ashlyn was having the time of her life!!! If you don't know which one she is, she's the one with the huge laughing grin!!

Disneyland Pics

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